New Synagogue

In February 2007  our house was inaugurated in Georgstraße 2. With our house we occur in a completely new appearance. We are traditionel orthodox  and served by a rabbi. We would like to meet you in our open synagogue! Today our community counts over 400 members.


„This is my house of prayers for all nations.“

We are looking forward to every visitor and arrange also round tours for school classes, associations or private individuals. Our synagouge stands always open for community members, friends and family members as well as everybody else.

Unsere Gemeinde setzt sich zum großen Teil aus Zugezogenen der Sowjetunion und der Russischen Föderation zusammen.

Old Synagogue

As a location of encountering and learning, the old prayer hall was converted into a museum and  a seminar room. The area  can be used for different purposes, for example seminars, workshops or meetings with more people.

Organisations, school classes or assosications are able to have meetings and seminars in a beautiful and  historical location.

At the same time  the visitors may learn a  few things about the jewish faith. Some exhibition can be found and you are allowed to enter  and visit the old synagogue, which is still there.

Seit dem Jahr 2000 gibt es in unserer Gemeinde den Jüdischen Kulturverein Kinor und den jüdischen Sportverein Makkabi.

Christian-Jewish cooperation

The society for christian and jewish cooperation invites to a respectfully meeting of judaism and christianity in present and past. With this cooperation we show that we are totally opposed to every form of jewish hostility, right-wing extremism, discrimination and intolerance.

We invite you to take part in that.


“You haunt my by night.”
Psalm 17, verse 3


Christilich-Jüdische Vereinigung

 In regelmäßigen Veranstaltungen wollen wir gemeinsam erlebtes und gegenwärtiges festhalten. Aktuelle Termine finden Sie hier.

Seminarraum für Unternehmen

Die Alte Synagoge dient als Begegnungsstätte für Schulungen, Workshops und Seminare. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier

Kunstwerke im Innenhof

 Der Innenhof ist ein ruhiger Platz mitten in der Gelsenkirchener Innenstadt, in dem eine Gedenkwand aller verstorbenen unserer Gemeinde zu finden ist. 

Bildergallerie der Jüdischen Gemeinde

Die Bildergalerie unserer Gemeinde schafft einen kleinen aber schönen Einblick in das jüdische Zentrum in Gelsenkirchen und das Leben.

Jüdische Gemeinde in GelsenkirchenStartseite

Brukhin haBaim or welcome to the website of the jewisch community in Gelsenkirchen.

The internet presence offers the community members and all interested an important platform to inform themselves about the jewish live in Gelsenkirchen. The community organises the prayer times in the synagogue, celebrations for jewish feast days, religion and german lessons, as well as other different cultural events and exhibitions. You find all current dates here.

Furthermore the website provides information about the history of the 1874 founded community, the old synagogue and the jewish graveyard.

For interested groups we provide also individual guided tours through our synagogue and the historical meeting place. It consists the opportunity to register yourself directly online with a form.

We wish you a lot of fun on our website und hope to welcome you soon.